Avoid Medication Mistakes With These 7 Expert Tips From Experts

We, human beings, are naturally prone to making mistakes. And, to some extent, they are negligible as well. However, when it comes to buying medicines, taking even a single wrong step can prove to be life-threatening for you!

Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss a few tips that can help you avoid making mistakes in this aspect. Let’s get started!

Avoiding Medications Mistakes – A Brief Guide

Taking care of the medication mishaps can be tricky, especially if you are a little forgetful. Hence, if you need any assistance in this regard, make sure to go through the following points –

Learn About The Name Of Your Medication 

Rather than letting your physician jot down your prescription, try asking them about the medications separately. Additionally, we would also suggest you inquire the doctor about how the drugs work. This way, it will be easier for you to remember everything correctly.

When you are going for a refill, make sure to check if the package looks like the previous one or not. Also, check if it has the same coloring or not!

If anything regarding the medicine seems off to you, don’t forget to ask your pharmacist about it!

Ask Questions 

Like the name, it’ll also be essential to know how you should take your medication. You can ask the following questions to get an idea in this context –

  • What’s the medication supposed to do? (it’s a must-do query when talking about a medication swallowing gel)
  • How often should you take it?
  • Would it be better for you to take the medication during the daytime or before you go to sleep?
  • What should you do if you end up missing a dose or two?
  • Are there any side effects of these drugs?

Make sure to take notes or ask your doctor to write down the precautions while conversing about your prescribed medications.

Follow The Instructions Carefully 

According to a report, almost 50% of people do not take the medications for diabetes and hypertension as directed. It, in turn, increases the severity of the diseases and causes even more discomfort to the patient.

Hence, whenever you take a new medication, don’t forget to tell your doctor to write instructions on its package. And try to follow them as carefully as possible.

If you are still forgetting, we’d suggest you keep your medications in a pillbox and keep it somewhere in front of your eyes. You may also try installing a pill reminder application.

Stop Taking Pain Relievers Frequently 

Almost one out of five people take more NSAIDs, such as naproxen and ibuprofen, than they are supposed to take. Many people also mix more than two NSAIDs and intake those conclusively.

While doing so sometimes offers a little relief to your pain, it can also massively affect your kidneys or liver. In addition, you may also experience internal bleeding for the same reason. Hence, stick to the dosage written on the available label.

Avoid Cutting Up The Pills 

Cutting up pills is a common habit amongst people who suffer from difficulty swallowing. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t do this unless your pharmacist has advised you to.


Well, some medications usually come with a coated design to release slowly and protect your stomach. Thus, their overall efficiency will decrease if you cut them in half.

Know About The Food Facts 

Some medications (antacids) work well when you have an empty stomach, while others (metformin for diabetes) work better after you’ve eaten.

Also, some foods can become dangerous when you are taking certain medicines. For example, if you are using warfarin, avoid consuming grapefruit juice, antibiotics, leafy vegetables, etc.

You can ask your doctor about what you should stop eating before taking a new medication.

Do Not Take Medications With Soft Drinks And Alcohol 

Alcohol or some of the elements available in soft drinks can change the chemical structure of a medication. Hence, it might have adverse effects on your body if you take the drugs with these products. Water usually works best when it comes to taking medications.

Wrapping It All Up!

Following the strategies mentioned above can help you reduce or prevent the prevalent medical errors everyone goes through.

However, if you still have confusion regarding the same, make sure to write your thoughts in the comment section. We’ll try to help you as much as we can!

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