7 Gift Ideas For The Modern Gentleman

Gift Ideas

Whether it’s your man or your dad, thinking of gifts for them can be a little tricky. Although they usually appreciate whatever is given to them, you surely want to give them something that they will enjoy. Before you buy them a classic tie, something that you always get for them for any occasion, maybe it’s time to spice things up! Gifts are symbols that you appreciate someone. And if you take into consideration their personality and what they like, it shows that you actually know them.

The modern gentleman has high standards, which makes it a little intimidating to think about something that will pass their taste. So if you want to level in the art of gift-giving, we have compiled the best of the best. Check them out below!

The Omega Seamaster Wristwatch

Want to give him something that he will surely wear? Then ditch the usual tie and get him a timepiece. Admittedly, this gift is something that you will give to your dad or your husband. An Omega Seamaster timepiece is not an inexpensive gift, so time to save up if you’re eyeing this item. If your man is a watch connoisseur, then he will love Omega. It is a brand that any gentleman should have in their wardrobe. And their Seamaster is one of their older collections, which makes it classic and timeless. According to some people, giving someone a wristwatch means that you value the time that you spend together. It is also a big plus that whenever they check out the time, they will remember you whenever they look at their watch. You can order this gift online by checking out The Watch Company online!

A business card case

A gentleman means business, literally! If he’s a busy bee, then he probably goes to a lot of conferences and meetings. And one thing that he shouldn’t forget before he goes to these networking events is his business cards. Help him whip out his cards in style by getting him a quality business cardholder. There are a few in the market, but if you want to go all out in class, you can give him a genuine leather case. Saint Lauren makes good quality business card holders! You may also send him a personalized one and put his name or business on the cardholder itself. Things Remembered and Forever gifts specialize in custom gifts!

A grooming kit

When he’s always flying business class, then he must have his grooming kit on the go. You can get him a travel-size kit that has all his favorite skincare, haircare, and nail care essentials. Check out the Conran Shop F. Hammann grooming set, which has everything that he could ever need. Or if you want it to be a little more compact, you can also give him a smaller shaving kit. After all, a gentleman needs to stray from cuts and bleeds after shaving. Make sure that you investigate a little further on what product he uses.

A flask

Does your man love a fine whiskey on the go? Then give something a little cheeky, like a flask! But before you go and buy one, there are a few things that you should consider. For example, material, how your man will use it, and how he will store it? For a more classic look, you can check out the Stanley Classic Flask. If you want a sleeker design and aesthetics, the Viski Summit Flask ticks off the boxes. It has a high-end look thanks to its smooth copper finish. You should also consider the size of the flask, in case he wants something that he can hide in his coat.

A shoe shine kit

The modern gentleman always looks poise with his leather shoes. This is why he must take care of them. What better way to keep them in tip-top condition if not shine them every day? So if your man has a pair or two of leather shoes, you can give him a shoe shine kit. The Cedar Shoe Shine Kit has all the shoe cleaning tools he will need to make his shoes look brand new. The kit comes in black and brown shoe cream, shoehorn, cloth towel, polishing and buffing brushes, and the storage box that also doubles as a footrest. Trust us when we sat this is the type of gift that he never knew he needed.

A leather briefcase

Of course, we can’t forget the bag! Leather briefcases are rugged but refined. It is the best bag for the man who needs a carry-on or something that he can bring to his daily meetings. Plus, a leather bag is a classic option that will go well in any outfit that he wears. Buffalo Jackson has a great line of leather briefcases for men. It is equipped with multiple pockets that can carry all its essentials. Style and function are prominent in all leather bag models.

A Sock Subscription

This is unconventional, but we think your man will truly appreciate it! Why give him something once when you can have fresh, new socks delivered to his door daily? Sock Fancy is a company that specializes in everything related to socks. The company creates its products in-house and features cotton, polyester, and spandex items. It is the premium apparel fit for a man in style.

Step up your gift-giving game!

While it is intimidating and tricky to think of gifts that your favorite man will love, it does not have to be too complicated. These types of men usually don’t always have a wishlist in mind, but that is fine! With these gift ideas in mind, he will surely enjoy anything from the list. These are the items that are perfect to give on any occasion, may it be an anniversary, birthday, or Christmas. Never get stuck on what to give them with this list. Make sure to bookmark this article for the next time you go shopping for him!

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