6 Tips To Upgrade Your Phone Without Buying A New One

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Old phones with cracked screens, faded logos, and worn-out curves can ruin your vibe and even be a cause for embarrassment. However, buying a new phone or upgrading your old phone in this economy is not an option that is easily available to everyone. Don’t fret! Scroll down and read our article to find useful tips that you can follow to upgrade your current phone at a relatively cheaper price point.

Uninstall Unused Apps

First things first, uninstall the apps you don’t use anymore. There is a reason that you don’t use them anymore. Besides, hoarding is a bad habit no matter what kind it is. Unused apps just take up space and slow your phone’s performance down. This means interfering with apps you actually do use. Not only does this improve battery life but also gives you more storage space for things that you actually need. 

Clean Your Phone Regularly

Cleanliness is next to godliness after all. If your phone is charging really slowly or not charging at all, it might not be the charger’s fault. So, what you need to do is clean the charging port as well as the headphones jack. And well, while you’re at it, why don’t you get a professional to clean up your camera and screen as well? We assure you that doing all this can help you hear, see or charge things clearly again.

Get A Good Case and Protective Screen

A good phone case can kill multiple birds with just one stone. If the paint of your original phone case is fading out, or your phone is too basic looking, or if you wish to keep it in good condition for a resale then a good phone case and a protective screen will do the trick for you. Besides, if you get sick of the original phone color you can even get customized phone cases. All you have to do is head to a phone accessory online store. Furthermore, a good case will also protect your phone against cracks or scratches.

Manage Your Storage Space

Like we said before, you need to manage your storage space for better phone performance. You can do this by uninstalling unused apps or by updating your phone and apps regularly. Furthermore, you can also back up your media files in a cloud and delete them from your phone’s internal memory. For Android phones, you can even add another storage space like an SD card, etc. Additionally, you can use online streaming platforms for music to avoid downloading songs on your phone. This helps save a lot of space.

Camera Support

For people who love photography, a good camera is everything. However, you can’t always afford a good camera phone. What you can do in situations like these is buy external lenses. This can help you focus on things your normal camera might not be able to do on its own. 

Additionally, you can also get your camera cleaned or get an extra lens if your camera is blurry because of “old age”. Other than that, if your camera screen is cracked, it is easier to have a pro replace that part than to change the phone entirely.

Replace Old Batteries

As we use and recharge phones, again and again, their battery life naturally decreases. This is not something you can prevent but you can slow it down. What you can do is prevent overheating, overcharging, and overusing the battery. 

In addition to that, if your battery is completely unsalvageable then you can just get a professional to replace it. Most phones have batteries that you can easily exchange with new ones. This means extended phone life for you!


These were some tips you can use to upgrade your current phone. This means no more lagging or cracked screens all the while avoiding any big expenses. However, it is important to remember that some services are very costly depending on the phone model so always ask around and research before making any decisions regarding your phone!

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