5 Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

While most people choose silver jewelry simply because of its stunning beauty and classic elegance, this metal also boasts a number of surprising health benefits. Here are five health benefits that you can expect to enjoy when wearing silver jewelry.

May Deliver Relief from Pain

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests that silver jewelry may deliver relief from a variety of minor aches and pains. A recent scientific study regarding the treatment of arthritis demonstrated that medical silver may be helpful when looking to mitigate joint pain. Because there are no side effects of skin contact with silver, it does not hurt to see if this can work for you.

Improves Heat Regulation and Circulation

Some people swear by the power of silver jewelry to improve the body’s heat regulation and circulation. As a result of this boost in body temperature balance, some have reported an increase in energy levels and a mood improvement. This is attributed to the natural properties of silver mitigating the effects of outside electrical disturbances while maintaining better circulation within the body. These same attributes may also help to support the body’s natural immune system.

Help in Avoiding Toxic Substances

The metal silver reacts and turns different colors as it comes across chemicals that may be potentially toxic to your health. For example, if you notice that your silver jewelry is turning blue if you wear it too long, it could be a signal that your body is experiencing elevated levels of sodium. Wearing sterling silver bracelets from Silpada may help you to learn more about your personal health and avoid toxic substances.

Kills Harmful Bacteria

Silver also has a strong body of scientific evidence that supports its efforts as an antibacterial agent. This is due to the oligodynamic effects of this metal. The chemical composition of silver gives it the power to kill the enzymes in harmful bacteria. Silver has been proven to be so beneficial in this arena that it is a common ingredient in bandages and other types of salves used to treat burns and pneumonia related to ventilator use. In addition, as a powerful antimicrobial, silver can be used to reduce the risk of infection. It also may prove beneficial in preventing and treating cold and flu while also supporting wound healing.

Provides Mental Calm

The metal silver has long been associated with mental calm. The cool tone of silver translates to a relaxed state of being. The reflective properties of silver also encourage space and a willingness to reflect inward. This is why the traditional meditation practices of the Tibet culture uses silver so frequently. For example, a silver spinner ring is often used to ground yourself, lower stress levels, and reduce anxiety.

All five of these health benefits should be reason enough for you to incorporate more silver jewelry into your wardrobe. As a bonus, you will also raise your style game as your rock this classic metal.

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