4 Zen-Inspired Tips to Calm your Hyper Kitten

Woah, Woah! Would you look at that? Your kitty cat is jumping all over the place! What has gotten into it? Sure cats are cute and all but how do you deal with a hyper kitten? This sure will take some time to get used to a jumpy creature in your home. It already is a lot to deal with a pet but to deal with one that is super sensitive or super active can be difficult to control and train. Not all cats are alike some may be more quiet and gentle but some can go biting the arm of the couch within minutes.

Whatever the case may be, know this for sure, kittens have a lot of energy, they constantly jump, run, play, and chase anything that moves. In case your kitten isn’t behaving at all then you need to have a chat with your kitten’s vet.

Or you can follow in some easy zen-inspired tips to help calm your kitten before you start losing your patience with her.

Personal belonging and space

The sense of privacy matters to cats. Even for a pet, they need “me” time that helps them relax. If you know your cat likes to eat alone without the prying eyes then place the cat feeding supplies, the water bowl, and the food bowl under the sink or at someplace quieter where they are “hidden”. So in case our kitten is acting up this private haven will relax her. You can even place a dim light in a small room or just by the porch where your kitten will stay undistracted. When pets do not have a private place or “territory” of their own can act weird for humans in a lot of ways.

You can even place safe cat toys for your kittens to play with so that they feel secure.

Music to Calm Nerves

Sharing a new home can be the cause of the physical distress your cat is showing. Many times it happens that kittens become hyperactive because of the uncertainty and fear of being in an unfamiliar environment.

Once you have prepared your own place you can consider playing soothing tunes at a low volume that is carefully composed to enhance the soothing vibes and make kittens feel at home. Such a strategy is applicable for humans too and therefore you can relax too. Loud noises are particularly the turn-off and the trigger point for a cat’s erratic behavior.

This is a more effective technique to make your cats like you and stop fooling around the house like a mad ghost.


Kittens love to play. If you are not present to play with them then imagine how your place would turn out to be? To avoid all the mess you need to bring in cat toys that are safe, hygienic, durable, and not too costly either.

Kittens absolutely need to socialize hence the playtime. It’s also a form of great exercise since they are not as outdoorsy as dogs. Plus playing certain games with cat-like chase the light (you can use laser light) or the squeaking balls for the cat, you can let your cat explore the physician’s energy in a positive light.

Hyper kittens need to be bonded closely with their owner which is why playtime is crucial. Help your cat release excessive energy during the mimic hunting games and so on.

Cat Scratch Posts

Do you know how much cats just love to scratch? It’s like the way we yawn and stretch only minus the nails and the actual scratching.

You need to place an additional, cat trees or cat scratching posts with two or three climbs by the window is most welcomed. So if you want to keep your hyper kitten busy in a non-destructive way then having the little cat spot for your kitten will do some good to calm them down. You can also make use of wall perches and window perches. Besides cat condos are another good option to make your cat busy in a creative way. Let her play hide and seek.

There are certain products designed to keep cats healthy safe and help them make them less aggressive over time. Besides this, the cat environment is also responsible to make the cat react or behave in a particular manner. So always be ready to explore the good and bad side of having a cat!



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