Day: November 18, 2021


Patient Checks Improves Data Security In The Healthcare System

In the present age where online frauds are common, data breaching issues are increasing with every passing day. Every year, billions of ID thefts are committed by fraudsters. In different industries such as e-commerce sites, financial institutes, and other corporate sectors. Online identity thefts also happen in the healthcare sector. On a larger scale as […]

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Covid Impact of Covid-19 on Travel Industry

The pandemic that we have been experiencing over the past two years has had an equal impact on the personal and corporate sectors. It has drastically altered our lives; today, we examine a variety of factors before engaging in activities like traveling, going out, and meeting new people, which we never considered prior to the […]

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Top 6 Benefits of Owning Rental Property in Maryland

We are all looking for ways to solidify our income and luckily for that, we have so many ways for earning a stable passive source of income. One such option for those trying to invest their hard-earned money into the right field, they have rental property. It is said in today’s date, having a rental […]

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Internet Tech

The Google index and how do I add my page?

Are you one of those people who believe that simply having a website is enough for your company? That you will then be visible online? The users then enter any keyword in the Google search. And if you have something about it on the website, then they will find you. NOT CORRECT! That is not […]

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