10 Beginner Mistakes while Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring

For an untrained person, vinyl flooring installation is not an easy project. If you are curious about the mistakes, you may need to avoid while installing vinyl plank flooring, consider the below-mentioned post and give it a read. Vinyl plank flooring installation is purely a DIY project; however, people who are not well aware of individual facts may cause unbalanced and deteriorated flooring. 

Mistakes that all beginners can make 

We all tried to transform our home with some DIY struggle. It looks relatively easy when you see the videos and watch someone else doing the same project. But keep in mind that the person you are visiting for a specific project may have some right expertise in it. It is not as simple as for you.

No matter what kind of flooring it is, either it’s a carpet, a rug, a laminate floor, vinyl plank, or hardwood, each flooring installation needs specific attention and care.

There is a wide variety of flooring choices available in the market. Every flooring needs a specific tool for a perfect fixation. However, in this post, regardless of your home style, there are top 10 beginner mistakes that you need to know. 

So let’s begin.

  1. Thinking that vinyl is the same as linoleum 
  2. un-Precise measurements 
  3. Immediate installation right after buying 
  4. Time shortage will lead to inappropriate floor template 
  5. Not removing the pre-existing floors 
  6. Leaving the baseboards
  7.  Not reading the manufacturers guide 
  8. Not applying the proper adhesives 
  9. Delaying the cleaning
  10. Rough dealing
  • Mistake #1 Thinking that vinyl is the same as linoleum 

All vinyl flooring is not like linoleum. Vinyl, laminate, and linoleum floors are entirely different from each other. First of all, right at the buying step, read the difference between linoleum sheets and vinyl sheets. Linoleum flooring is made of a natural product that is linseed, flaxseed, and other blended fibers for your information. Linoleum is not water-resistant.

Vinyl flooring is made from petroleum, and it is highly resistant to moisture. Due to differences in material installation method also varies. So you need to learn about the flooring you are planning to buy. 

  • Mistake #2 un-Precise measurements 

Un-precise measurement of vinyl plank flooring leads to faulty cutting. Vinyl flooring is aesthetically appealing and enduring. Vinyl flooring installation cost is almost half that of ceramic tiles. Vinyl floors do not give you enough margin. Random cuttings will lead you to a lousy flooring appearance. This is one of the biggest mistakes that beginners usually make. To avoid this mistake, measure the area from all the dimensions. Take measurements along the length and width before cutting and installing the plank.

  • Mistake #3 Immediate installation right after buying 

Don’t install the floor right after the buying. At Least give the vinyl plank flooring a day for getting acclimatized. Properly acclimated floors provide the best results as compared to the ones that are installed right after delivery. 

  • Mistake #4 Time shortage lead to inappropriate floor template 

Shortage of time will lead to deteriorated floor templates. To manage this error, try using the sturdy felt paper and proper tapings to align all the planks. These methods will help you in making your room template more friendly and appealing.

  • Mistake #5 Not removing the pre-existing floors

If your pre-existing floors are not in proper condition, you may ruin the vinyl flooring. First of all, make the existing floor by leveling it appropriately. Make sure this floor is clean, dry, and level before placing the vinyl planks over it. No doubt the bed’s overall thickness might increase a bit, but it’s not too much. You may cut the door to make it level.

  • Mistake #6 Leaving the baseboards

It is a blunder. Don’t leave the baseboard moulding during the installation of vinyl plank flooring. For precise and excellent results, try removing all the mouldings before you install the vinyl planks. 

  • Mistake #7 Not reading the manufacturers guide 

 Most people consider vinyl plank flooring as a DIY installation project. Yes, it’s true but only for trained persons, not for a middle man. If you are not well aware of the installation process as a beginner, try focusing on the manufacturer’s guide that comes with the planks. Make sure you have a clear understanding of the whole procedure. Wear proper personal protective equipment to avoid ill health situations.

  • Mistake #8 Not applying the proper adhesives

Don’t be sloppy while you are applying the adhesive. To avoid this error, spread a smooth layer of glue with the proper layering. Add the glue neatly on the corners to make it more valuable. 

  • Mistake #9Delaying the cleaning

Deferring the cleanup of vinyl plank flooring Whenever permitted to dry, vinyl flooring cement or adhesive will require solvent removal. Keep warm water and a cleaning fabric close within reach for this reason.

  • Mistake #10 Rough dealing

Don’t deal with your floor roughly. Give it at least 24 days to settle correctly. If you plan to place some heavy objects on the vinyl plank floor, try using some pads beneath the bulky items. Directly placing will ruin the floor, and this loss is not recoverable indeed. 

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Vinyl plank flooring installation is an overwhelming task; if you are a professional, it’s okay and acceptable to install it yourself; otherwise, don’t try to do it by hook or by crook. Read all the mistakes mentioned above before installing the vinyl plank flooring so that you may end up on the perfect floor that you have imagined for your dream home.


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